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How To Get Started


Step #1: Call Mr. Waddell

Call Mr. Waddell and find out when is the best time to bring your child in to try out a free class.

Mr. Waddell will tell you about his program including and new special and deals that we are offering at that current time.

Mr. Waddell will also be happy to tell you anything about his program and help to make you feel comfortable in your decision to enroll your child into his Martial Arts Program.

Step #2: Bring your child to our school.

When you come into the school please have stay off the mats with your shoes on and when classes are in session.

Mr. Waddell will come talk you and introduce himself and tell your child that if he would like to take class that day to just take his shoes and socks off and have a seat in the back of the mats where the other kids will be sitting. And after that they will  start there class and teach your child everything they need to know. All you have to do is sit back and watch and see if it’s what you’re interested in having your child learn.

Boy in Class

Marital Arts Clipart
Step #3: Decided which Membership is best

 After your child’s first class with us Mr. Waddell will go over any questions you may have and tell you about our membership options.

Our New member online special is a

1 month trial for only $50.00

$20.00 for each additional members

This special is so you and your child can try it out for 1 month and make sure that your child is ready for a commitment with our program.

Step #4: Become a full member and get ready to grow.

After you try us out for a month or sign up on the first day you will begin to learn and perfect your form, one- steps, moves, and other requirements for testing for your Yellow Belt.

You will have Testings, Tournaments, Summer Camp and loads of other programs that we offer throughout the year.

The cost of these will be gone over by Mr. Waddell after your first class.

Remember a black belt is nothing more then a white belt that never quit.